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Moisturizing facial cream with nourishing and anti-wrinkle properties indicated for mature skin. Its powerful acid glycolic-based formula with stem cells and antioxidants makes it the perfect all-purpose, anti-aging product. Moisturizes, renews and regenerates the skin. You are going to notice its “photoshop” effects straight away! Apply it at night and reveal a new skin when you wake up the next day.


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Glycolic acid is one of most renovating anti-aging ingredients. Sesderma applies nanotechnology in its formulae so that you can get all the benefits of the acid with 0 % irritation.

By using Acglicolic Nourishing cream, you will notice how your skin revives. Pores diminish, wrinkles are reduced and dull skin revives. It’s ideal as a night cream for dry or very dry skin.

It is important to always apply a sunblock during the day or use the product only at night, as the sensitivity of skin to sun may be increased due to its exfoliating effects.


Note that, when applied for the first times, you may experience a stinging sensation or redness, but this is temporary and will disappear after continued use, when skin is used to glycolic acid. Likewise, at the start of the treatment small pimples may appear due to the cleansing action on the skin (as impurities are released from skin).


SIZE: 50 ml

SHORT DATE : 08.2020



ACGLICOLIC Nourishing Cream -NanoTechnology

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