A cream intended for skin requiring rejuvenation and protection against the effects of chronic inflammation which accelerates the aging processes / inflammation /. An intelligent, skin compatible liquid crystal formula regenerates and strengthens the lipid barrier, ensuring the gradual release of active substances. Ectoin® – an innovative extremolyte creates a natural screen that protects against aggressive environmental factors such as smog, pollution, and free radicals. It prevents photo-aging caused by the full the spectrum of UV radiation, including visible and blue light. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, firms and smoothes out the skin suppress inflammation and strengthens the skin’s defense processes. Hyaluronic acid combined with macadamia oil, jojoba, and olive oils prevent trans-epidermal water loss and activates the mechanisms of skin long-lasting moisturization. Plant extracts from oats, wheat, and linseed leave
the skin silky smooth with a healthy glow.

It is an innovative ingredient that comprehensively rejuvenates and at the same time protects
the skin against inflamm-aging induced by dermatoses and aggressive environmental factors
such as smog, pollution and UV radiation. Ectoine being natural extremolite extract reduces
the visibility of wrinkles, firms, moisturises and smoothes out the skin for a long time.

By stimulating the natural neurostimulation cascade, it comfortably warms the skin making
the re-moval of impurities and toxins accumulated in the sebaceous glands easier. Delicate
heat stimulates microcirculation, nutrition and oxygenation of the skin and intensifies
penetration of active ingredi-ents.

It lowers temperature, reduces swelling and redness, ensuring immediate comfort and relief.
The cooling effect increases the flexibility and smoothness and clearly reduces the visibility of
skin pores.


Apply to the face, neck, and cleavage as the last
step in the Contradiction treatment.
In-home care: apply a small amount of the cream
in the morning to the cleansed face, neck, and
cleavage. Massage gently until completely

Contradicion Defense Day Cream 50ml Theo Marvee

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