Preventive treatment for ingrown hairs in roll-on applicator bottle


The Depilève post-waxing products complete the waxing treatment by taking care of the skin from various angles:


    • Moisturising lotions: they cleanse, soothe, regenerate and hydrate the skin. Their different formulas adapt to each area and type of skin.
    • Hair inhibitors: they weaken and slow down hair growth whilst moisturising and soothing the skin.
    • Specific ingrown hair treatments: They disinfect, heal and regenerate the skin, getting rid of ingrown hairs and preventing the appearance of others.

All the benefits of Folisan against folliculitis in a gel formula that treats and prevents ingrown hairs in the most delicate areas including the underarms, bikini line area or the beard. Its roll-on design makes it ideal for home use and for applying to hard-to-reach areas. Perfect for men who shave with a blade, as it also helps prevent infected pores.




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