Eve Taylor London - FULL SIZE SET FOR MEN!



Suitable for: All Skin Types



  • Daily Face Wash - 100ml - Full Size
  • Exfoliating Face Scrub - 100ml - Full Size
  • Hydrating Face Balm - 100ml - Full Size 
  • Smooth Shave Oil - 30ml - Full Size 
  • Conditioning Shave Gel - 100ml - Full Size 


  • Black Toilet Bag with Zip
  • Wash Mitt


Eve Taylor A Gel Kit for Men makes for a lovely gift for your other half, brother, dad or a treat for yourself! 


Eve Taylor Daily Face Wash to cut through oil and daily grime without stripping the skin. With a fresh smell of lemongrass to purify, skin will be left brighter and fresher even the on the dullest looking skin.

  • Foaming action cuts through daily grime leaving skin deep down clean.
  • Aloe Vera hydrates and soothes so skin retains that supple feel even after cleaning.


Eve Taylor Exfoliating Face Scrub An invigorating and revitalising scrub to clear congested pores of oil, dirt and dead skin. An ideal pre-shave prep helping lift hairs for a closer shave.

  • Helps combat ingrown hairs
  • Peach kernel granules mechanically lift dead skin cells, impurities and hairs revealing fresh clean skin
  • Bentonite absorbs excess oils


Eve Taylor Smooth Shave Oil is a versatile shave oil to preserve skin integrity and provides superior razor glide. With a unique blend of essential oils, it helps to soothe, calm and balance the sin.

  • Packed with anti-oxidants to protect sensitive skin
  • Multi-functional may be used as a pre-shave under foam or gel, as a shaving medium alone and post-shave to combat redness and irritation
  • Leaves skin smooth and lubricated even after shaving


The Eve Taylor Conditioning Shave Gel is Aloe Vera based shave gel provides a soothing and smooth ultra-close stubble free shave. Easy glide formula to leave skin cool and refreshed.

  • Very economical shaving medium as only a small amount is needed
  • The razor glides easily across the skin with no drag or razor burn
  • Rinses cleanly and thoroughly off the skin
  • Eucalyptus offers a cooling and refreshing element
  • Lavender heals, soothes and provides an anti-septic quality


 Eve Taylor Daily Face Balm easily absorbed balm seals in moisture and keeps out environmental irritants and pollutants. With silicones to protect and Sodium PCA to hydrate skin is left protected in all climates.

  • Sandalwood hydrates smoothes and conditions skin post-shaving.
  • Reparative blend of essential oils heal razor nicks without stinging.
  • Lightweight and fully absorbed without leaving skin shiny.

Eve Taylor - ET Men- Super Kit for Men



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