Complex cream with intense oxygenating effects, based on most recent discoveries in the cosmetic industry.

Ideally responds to the needs of all skin types, in particular insufficiently oxygenated skin, grey and tired skin, expose to environment pollution and UV radiation.

Cream is intended for all ages, stimulates oxygen circulation and transport in skin cells, decreases visible effects of passage of time.


Triple Effect

Oxygenating - stimulates oxygen circulation and transport in skin cells, thereby increasing their vitality;

Protecting - activates natural skin protection potential and restores correct mechanisms of cellular regeneration. Protects the skin from harmful impact of UV radiation and air pollution;

Anti-Ageing- decreases visible effects of passage of time and unfavourable effects of the environment on skin.


Active Ingredients:

Ronalen Bio – Protect- complex of vegetal extracts protecting the skin from damages caused by toxic substances such as heavy metals, gases and UV radiation. Suppresses lipo-peroxidation and counteracts formation of free radicals.

Acti Vitamin D - activates natural immunological functions of vitamin D, accelerates regeneration of barrier functions and regulates the process of correct hydro-lipid balance.

DNA Repair System - unique plankton extract with energising properties. Transfers the energy necessary for synthesis of protein needed by skin, which intensifies efficiency of matrikines. Protects DNA cells from destruction and repairs damages.



Apply a small amount of cream on cleansed face, neck and décolleté area, avoiding the eyes. Use every morning. Cream is perfect under make-up.


Capacity: 50ml

Short Date : 10.2020

Farmona Professional Anti Pollution Actively Oxygenating SPF15 Day Cream

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