Revitalizing and refreshing eye roll-on cream -specialist cream immediate restores ideal appearance of skin around the eyes and gives refreshed feeling.

Special applier in the form of a ball performs perfectly in taking care of a skin types,especially in case of  shadows and swelling under under eyes.

The preparation is recommended for people living in polluted environment, exposed to stress, UV radiation, as well as smoking cigarettes.

On a day-to-day basis our skin is exposed to many harmful factors such as environmental pollution, air-conditioning, stress, UV radiation, cigarette smoke.

The perfect solution responding this problem is the comprehensive Anti Pollution treatment, based on the latest discoveries in cosmetology. The basis of the treatment is an innovative combination of active ingredients which oxygenate, refresh and protect the skin against premature ageing.


Triple Effect:

Reducing - removes swelling and shadowing under eyes,cools down and refreshes eye area.

Regenerating - decreases effects of unfavourable impact of the environment on skin, stimulates skin auto-regeneration.

Relaxes skin, reduces effects of stress and tiredness.

Smoothing- reduces visible wrinkles and lines, rebuilds and soothes skin structure.


Active Ingredients:

Pronalen Bio-Protect - complex of vegetal extracts protecting the skin from damages caused by toxic substances and UV radiation. Suppresses lipo-peroxidation and counteracts formation of free radicals.

DNA Repaid System - unique plankton extract with energising properties. Transfers the energy necessary for synthesis of protein needed by skin,which intensifies efficiency. Protects DNA cells from destruction and repairs damages.

Caffeine - stimulates micro-circulation. Thanks to its draining properties, decreases shadows and swollen eyes. 


Capacity: 15ml

Short Date: 10.2020

Farmona Professional Anti Pollution Revitalising Eye Roll On

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