Truly natural skincare


With 100% Organic Aloe Vera that moisturizes, soothes and protects your skin.

Hidraloe aloe gel is a must in our vanity case and our medicine cabinet. If I had to choose one thing to take with me to a desert island, I’d take Hidraloe Aloe vera Gel without the slightest doubt, given its versatility and regenerating power.


It moisturizes, smooths, relieves and restores skin irritated from any cause (hair removal, burns…) or after sun exposure, preventing inflammation and bringing an instant feeling of freshness.

But beware! Not all aloe vera gels are the same. The purity of the active ingredient makes the difference. Hidraloe soothes, moisturizes and protects even the most sensitive skins thanks to its 100% organic aloe vera, and its artisanal extraction method guarantees its purity and medicinal properties.


Is it indicated for me?


Aloe vera gel is multipurpose and suitable for the whole family. It’s a great choice to relieve the skin after sun exposure, prevent itchiness and swelling after insect bites, soothe the skin after hair removal. It’s also perfect as an after-shave lotion and, in general, to moisturize, comfort and heal irritated skin of any family member.


When choosing an aloe vera gel, we find there are many products available on the market, and prices do vary. Always check the purity of the aloe vera main active as that is the factor that makes the difference in quality. Hidraloe aloe gel is made using organic aloe vera juice (not extract), with a certified polysaccharides content (polysaccharides are responsible for the medicinal properties of aloe vera). Bear this in mind because, sometimes, the cheapest option might turn out to be the most expensive in the end!



HIDRALOE Aloe Gel 50ml



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