NIVELAZIONE Skin Therapy EXPERT – professional care of your feet.
The products of the Nivelazione Skin Therapy EXPERT series are specialist dermocosmetics – an expert in foot care. The series was created as a result of combining the knowledge, experience and passion of the specialists of the Ideepharm Dermocosmetics Institute. Through precisely developed recipes, modern technologies and appropriately selected active ingredients in high concentrations, products effectively fight the problems and ailments of the skin of the feet and restore their comfort and healthy, beautiful appearance.

The rich, highly concentrated formula developed by a team of podologists and dermatologists ensures holistic action based on two pillars:

    effectively eliminates calluses and cracks in the skin of the heels
    prevents the recurrence of imperfections

Thanks to the specially selected active ingredients, the cream acts as REGENERATING BANDAGE.

From the first application:

moisturizes, smoothes and softens dry skin of the feet
deeply nourishes and accelerates the regeneration of cracked skin
It leaves a feeling of relief and relief of the feet

As a result of treatment:softens the skin and removes swellings
effectively prevents keratosis and cracking of the heel skin
it leaves smooth and well-groomed feet

In addition, the innovative ODOUR STOP System technology neutralizes unpleasant odours by replacing their active molecules with the desired fragrance. Thanks to this, it effectively protects against the unpleasant smell of sweat and leaves a long-lasting effect of freshness.

Active ingredients:

    10% urea,
    Lipid Repair Technology,
    the prebiotic protective and soothing complex of Dermo Protect


SIZE : 75ml

NIVELAZIONE Skin Therapy Expert – Repair Cream for Cracked Heels



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