Facial skin is constantly subject to many aggressions (pollution, wind, cold, tobacco, poor diet, lack of sleep, stress ...) which are reflected in a dry, dull, face lacking luminosity and vitality.


C-Vit Radiance Revitalizing Facial Mask has a unique combination of assets that helps improve skin tone, making it a more clear, bright and uniform.


Tourmaline improves microcirculation in the application area, thereby immediately providing a rosy tone. Vitamin C along with the clearing complex (consisting of natural extracts such as licorice and mulberry) interfere with the melanin synthesis, preventing and clearing unwanted pigmentation.


The Pal-KTTKS and Vitamin C promote collagen synthesis, reducing wrinkling and increasing the firmness, smoothness and elasticity of skin.


Sweet orange extract makes a gentle exfoliation, removing dead cells and encouraging cell renewal.


Orange pigments add shine and brightness to the skin, giving it a healthier look reflecting more light while concealing facial wrinkles and imperfections.


Before applying the mask clean and tone the skin. Then apply evenly over the entire face using the fingertips or a brush, avoiding the eye contour area, making sure to apply enough of the mask (approximately 1 mm). Let the mask sit for 10-15 minutes. After this time, it is important to remove the product with cold water, if desired using a sponge. After, for best results, apply C-vit Radiance! Luminous Fluid.


Size: 30ml

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Sesderma C-Vit Radiance revitalising facial mask 30ml

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