Regenerating and rejuvenating night cream. The cream contains nourishing and regenerating oils: monoi, sesame and jojoba, as well as anti-aging orchid extract, shea butter and antioxidant tocopherol. The cream also includes bamboo extract that stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, and pineapple extract that supports gentle exfoliation and thus affects skin cell renewal.

Mature, dry skin that requires regeneration and rejuvenation.
Active ingredients:

Passioline® - a modern formula of passion fruit oil that regenerates tired and damaged skin.

Eliorelys ™ - the active ingredient obtained from cherry blossoms, which protects the skin against photoaging, also those caused by blue light.

and monoi, sesame and jojoba oils, orchid extract, bamboo extract, pineapple extract, vitamin E, Shea butter

Apply a small amount of cream on previously cleansed skin, face, neck and cleavage and gently pat.

Theo Marvee Jungle Tranquillaire Night Cream



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