Waterfall Oxygen Night Cream - regenerating, nourishing moisturizing, oxygenating night cream with properties that combat the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

I mature skin, dry, moisturizing, regeneration, wrinkles, lack of elasticity.
Active ingredients:

Optim Hyal ™ - a bioferment containing glycokines-oligosaccharides of acetylated glucoronic acids with a structure similar to hyaluronic acid fragments. Smoothes wrinkles, moisturizes the skin surface and increases its elasticity and resistance. Stimulates the neosynthesis of hyaluronic acid and helps maintain it at an appropriate level.

Early Boost - an ingredient based on plant-derived taurine with a unique energizing effect. Obtained from red algae - Jania Rubens. Stimulates ATP synthesis by + 50%, supports the growth of fibroblasts. It works restructuring and delays wrinkle formation. Provides instant skin hydration and reduces the first signs of aging after 28 days of use.

Elix-Ir ™ - a complex protecting the skin against the Infra'Agingu process obtained from knotweed. It protects the skin against the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation, counteracts the effects of IR and UV radiation.

In addition, it contains the antioxidant extract of gingko and blueberry, nourishing watermelon extract as well as regenerating shea butter, and moisturizing sweet almond oil.

Apply a small amount of cream to the face, neck and décolleté. Massage into full absorption. Use at home as a night cream.


Theo Marvee Waterfall Oxygen Night Cream



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