Innovative, brightening, antioxydating and repairing serum for eyes and face which contains following ingredients:


The new generation derivative of vitamin C, which is more effective, stable and resistant
to light, high temperature and air. This unique form of vitamin C penetrates the epidermis
deeper, is stronger than pure vitamin C and even low concentration gives excellent results in
treatments. It refreshes the skin, smoothes out colour and enhances cellular absorption, and
also stops synthesis of new melanin while blocking this already produced.

Collagen application is a scaffold for new collagen produced by fibroblasts. Loss of collagen in
the skin is corrected and the synthesis of new fibers is stimulated. The result is improved skin
tension and smoothing of fine wrinkles. Over the past decades, collagen has gained fame as a
regenerating, moisturizing, filling agent, which effectively fights against the signs of aging.

Oil with moisturizing properties and rebuilding the lipid layer of the skin. Babassu oil is extruded from Cohune palm nuts (Orbignya Cohune) grown in Brazil and Africa. The appearance
and properties resemble coconut oil and palm oil. 100% natural ingredient, used to hydrate,
strengthen and soften the skin. Contains about 70% of lipids, including large amounts of lauric
and myristic acid.
The unique synergy of ingredients gives you an intensified effect, making the use of products
a great way to keep youthful look. Rejuvenating treatment based on the revolutionary VC-IP
complex, collagen and babassu oil.


VC-IP (stable vit.C) and Collagen. Furthermore, the serum contains hydrating babassu oil and Sodium PCA and antiwrinkle and antioxydating galactoarabinan and vit. E.




Put some serum on cleaned area of face, eyes,
neck and neckline and pat gently until it is
fully absorbed

VitaForce Serum Colafique 30ml Theo Marvee



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