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Collagenique New Treatment with Pure Collagen

Absolutelly New Treatment with Pure Collagen.

We all know how priceless collagen is for our skin condition. It is a protein that is one of the main components of connective tissue and accounts for about 30% of the proteins in our body. It is responsible for elasticity, firmness, moisturizing of the skin, and for constant cell renewal.

Already after 25 years of age, the inevitable and irreversible process of gradual collagen collapse begins( on avarage 1% per year).Due to the fact that collagen is one of the most valued ingredients used in cosmetology it must have a special place in our treatment menu.

Our treatment based on anti aging ingridients such as :

Pure Collagen

Hydro Marine Collagen

Hydrovena HPO-LQ

Bio Proteinol, Phentanol, Silk, Black Orchid Extract, Pomegranate and Bamboo

Price Includes : Makeup Removal, Magic Enzyme Peel , Derma Pen micro needle mesotherapy, Pure Algae Mask, Advanced Serrum or Cream .

TIME : 60 min - Price : £ 40

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