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Photon + Microcurrent Therapy

The LED Light Therapy Facial is a painless, relaxing skin-care treatment that plumps up aging skin by boosting collagen production and treats acne by killing bacteria. LED stands for light-emitting-diodes. First developed by NASA, LED works by sending energy-producing packets of light into the deeper layers of the skin.

beautyland photon LED Therapy

LED Light therapy offers a powerful yet gentle means for obtaining more beautiful skin. It gives you the opportunity to treat an array of skin concerns without chemicals, drugs, or invasive measures. The skin responds quickly and very positively to the different colors in the spectrum. Anti-aging: LED Light Therapy benefits tired, aging skin: it helps with the softening of lines, folds and wrinkles, healthier circulation, increased moisture and radiance, accelerated skin repair, improved elasticity and skin texture, as well as stimulating the collagen process, naturally. Hyper-pigmentation: Age spots, freckles, uneven pigmentation due to sun exposure. Most cases of skin hyper-pigmentation even out over time from the use of LED light therapy. Acne and blemishes: LED light therapy can assist in the repair of acne and blemishes because it stimulates the skin’s natural healing process, and helps to kill bacteria caused by Acne. Frequency: The number of treatments needed varies by skin type and condition. Some people see visible results almost immediately, however noticeable changes are usually achieved in 8-10 treatments for all. The results are CUMULATIVE.

beautyland photon

Colorful light is a continuous spectrum, ranging from 510nm to 1200nm, it is equal to emit plenty of laser light. NAMI Impetus light is luminescence its special wavelength can be used for irradiating human body, and can prolong or shorten irradiation time. The energy of irradiation can promote cells growth by 5 times, through starting cytochrome , it can promote to transform dextrose into ATP and increase the energy of cells's metabolization . Different lights have different impact on skin.

Curative Effect:

1. Red: Vitalize be suitable for any skin, promote blood circulation, and regenarate collagen protein

2. Blue: Calm be suitable for sensitive, oil, and comedo bacilus to remove acne,

3,Green:Balance Normalize sebaceous glands ,

4. Purple: Renew skin, reduce wrinkles

5. Orange: Brighten whiten decompose pigment, and smooth scares

6. Turquoise: Defense strengthen the ability to protect skin,

7. White: Guide Function

beautyland interaction of wavelenghts


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