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After Sun Gel with DNA Repair System (Sesderma)

Authentic cellular DNA repair to neutralise and reverse the sun's damage to the skin.

Protection is important - repair is vital.

To counteract the harmful effects of UV radiation, our skin is equipped with a complex defence system to neutralise them. But most of the time this isn?t enough. When the UV radiation in sunlight hits the skin, it reaches the cells and can form pyrimidine dimers that distort and alter DNA structure. This is why it?s important to re-establish damaged DNA structure. Repaskin has a unique combination of active ingredients that are designed to strengthen the skin?s own DNA protection by combining Photolyase and endonucleases, natural enzymes encapsulated in liposomes that repair the molecular structure of DNA. Nanometer sized liposomes allow these active ingredients to reach the deepest layers of the skin.

The Sesderma Repaskin range uses an exclusive 3 shield-system technology to reinfornce protection and repair skin DNA, with results demonstrated in scientific studies. The 1st shield offers protection from UVA, UVB and infrared through physical and chemical filters and reflectants. The 2nd shield uses antioxidant ingredients to prevent ageing process in sun protection as well as after sun products. The 3rd shield repairs DNA damage with key ingredients in all products within the range to work on damage pre, during and post sun exposure. All products within the range are suitable for all skin types.


Aloe Vera With some 360 different species, Aloe vera is a plant belonging to the asphodelaceae or liliaceae family. Anti-inflammatory, moisturizer, antioxidant and immunomodulator for immunosuppressed individuals. Aloe Vera is a cellular regenerator with calming and moisturizing effects on our skin. It acts by inhibiting pain and inflammation and by stimulating the healing of wounds and burns. Centella Asiatica Features healing, epithelization, vasoprotective, anti-inflammatory, biostimulating properties. Recommended for the treatment of eczema, erythema, stretch marks, skin dystrophies; psychosomatic alopecia due to its stimulating and bioactivating power; and as restructuring agent for the dermal matrix. Chamomile Decongesting and softening properties due to its essential oil and flavonoid contents. Stabilizes the skin and exerts a calming effect on nerve endings. It also features detoxifying, depurative, calming, and anti-inflammatory properties. Ergothioneine L-ergothioneine is recognized as a low-molecular-weight, powerful and stable antioxidant consumed by humans in their diet that accumulates in cells subjected to high levels of oxidative stress. It is a natural amino acid of plant origin present in the skin. The skin has specific receptors for Ergothioneine, which are present in fibroblasts and keratinocytes (receptor OCTN-1) . In the skin, it is part of the defense system together with vitamins C and A, thus providing a synergistic effect on the protective function of the skin. Recently, it has been shown that Ergothioneine has a high antioxidant and anti-radical power. Ginkgo Biloba Extract Micrococcus Liposomes Stimulate the recognition and elimination of damage caused on the skin by the effects of sun exposure.



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