Why Wax with Beautyland ?

✯ No double dipping allowed here!
✯ No recycling of wax !
✯ No more strip waxes for Intimate area! Only Film Wax !
✯ Expensive New generation waxes but Inexpensive Prices!
✯ Clean and fresh sanitary
✯ Always disposable gloves and sanitised work area
✯ Qualified and Experiences Beauty Therapist NVQ Level 4!
✯ Fully Insured and Registred Bussiness !
✯ Home Based Salon = Easy and Free Parking
✯ Only Professional Treatments
✯ Special Offers !
✯ FREE SAMPLES and Gifts for regular customers

Get smooth, soft and sexy skin with best waxes companies and our body waxing service.

Why Wax is the best 4 u?


  • Wax removes dead skin cells

  • Long-lasting results

  • Hairs might cease to grow - wax mercilessly pulls hairs out from the roots

  • Hairs grow back thinner, and they become easier to pull out

  • Smoother outcome

  • No more hyperpigmentation

  • No more itching

  • No more cuts - You can say goodbye to razors and unintentional cuts!

  • Fast yet better results - We won't lie :)


Why We


Wax ?

Say farewell to unwanted fuzz and hello to a smoother you ...

We offer a comprehensive range of hair removal services for men and women using:

The award winning Perron Rigot waxes from France,

Absolutelly popular Lycon Waxes from Australia,

Number one: Depileve Waxes from Spain!




Hard wax is used without a strip. It is thicker and it’s applied against the hair growth. As the wax hardens it basically “shrink wraps” around the hair, but has minimal adhesion with the skin. Because of this, there is slim chance of skin irritation (This is a plus for those with very sensitive skin or an allergy to an ingredient in strip wax). One of the other benefits of the hard wax is that it is melted at a lower temp. After it has hardened on your skin, you simply lift and pull the wax off. There are ones that have felt that this type of waxing is less painful, but they do agree that this style of waxing, does take a bit longer and so a longer period of time is needed for this service.

Strip wax goes on in a thin layer with the hair growth and is removed with a strip of muslin. It is a stickier wax than hard wax and does adhere to the skin, which has an exfoliating effect, so care must be taken to not go over the same area! With this waxes exist risk lifting of skin which can lead to bruising. We don't waxing intimate areas and faces with Strip waxes !

Strip Wax

 Hard Wax (Film Wax)

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