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All about Wax ...

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Why Beautyland ?

  • There’s no job too hairy for us, there’s no body too big or small and we don’t believe anything too weird
  • The highest standard possible in Health, Safety & Hygiene
  • With strict 'NO JUDGEMENT POLICY' you will always feel comfortable from the second you walk through our salon doors to the moment you leave.
  • LGBTQ Friendly Salon
  • No more strip waxes for the Intimate area! Only Film Wax!
  • Premium brands only
  • Beautyland - 8th Place as a best Waxing Expert in National Hair & Beauty Awards 2022 . You are in Safe hands.
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Experts in Wax, Experts in Clean

  • No double-dipping is allowed here! Waxing sticks are never double-dipped and larger stir sticks are disposed of after each guest. End of story!
  • No recycling of wax - NEVER!
  • All tools soaked in disinfectant or disposed of after each guest
  • Clean and fresh sanitary
  • Sanitised work area
  • Wax Suite beds are sanitized with disinfectant wipes after each guest; fresh bed paper is pulled for each guest
  • New gloves are used for every service
  • Additional frequent deep-cleaning of high-frequency touchpoints
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Why We Love Wax ?

Get smooth, soft and sexy skin with Beautyland body waxing service.

Why Wax is the best 4 u?


  • Your skin will get gentle exfoliation because wax removes dead skin cells. Glowing and silky smooth skin is easy!

  • Long-lasting results

  • You will have less regrowth in between appointments

  • Your hair will grow back progressively finer and sparser
  • Smoother outcome

  • No more hyperpigmentation

  • You will have less annoying itching and prickliness

  • You will avoid the risk of nicks and cuts.

  • Your skin will be less prone to inflammation

  • You will have less chance of ingrown hairs

  • No more shaving rash,

  • Is WAY LESS PAINFUL than you expect


Types Of Waxes  ...

You may have noticed that when you come into Beautyland, I will use different methods of wax application for your hair removal: hot wax or strip wax.


They both have their advantages and disadvantages depending on what area of your body is getting hair removal and your skin and hair type.

As Beautyland is a waxing expert, I believe is very important to make the right decisions about what goes on the skin and how I will treat it. My choice between hot wax vs strip wax has been made in the best interest of you and your skin.

Thats why you Can't book Intimate wax with Strips .

Hot Wax

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Hot Wax:

  • The warmth of the wax opens the pores while waiting to harden, this  makes the treatment less painful

  • Fewer ingrown hairs, less breakage and therefore longer re-growth periods.

  • The waxes promote skin hydration and contain beneficial Oils and Vitamins to help regenerate and calm the skin.

  • A stronger grip on the hairs is so highly effective on thicker, stronger hairs e.g. Hollywood, Brazilian etc.

  • Perfect for short, stubborn hairs as small as 1mm

  • Lessens the chance of skin reddening, bruises or lifting.


  • Much slower as the wax needs to be applied then needs time minute to harden, then is peeled off.

  • Requires professional training and technique –  choose only highly trained technicians, especially for intimate areas, or simply book with Beautyland for stress-free waxing.

  • Is more expensive

Strip Wax

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STRIP WAX - Standard Stip Wax not used in Beautyland

HYBRID STRIP WAX - New Generation Strip Waxes used with Barrier Oil

Strip Wax:

  • Quick to apply and wax off

  • Perfect for large areas like legs or back

  • Ideal for thicker and less sensitive skin and areas

  • More commonly found in salons

  • Requires less technique so most salons can use it well

  • Is cheaper than Hot Waxes and Film Waxes


  • Isn’t as suitable in sensitive areas – can even cause bruising, skin lifting, and bleeding if used in Intimate areas*.

  • Can cause more ingrown hairs

  • Is hotter than Hot wax so customers can experience discomfort

  • Doesn’t grip as tightly to hair so not ideal for thicker hair, such as a Hollywood wax.

* Beautyland don't offer Intimate waxing with Strip waxes - customer Safety, and great experience is our number one priority,

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