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Skincare Natural vs Synthetic?

Natural or Synthetic skincare?

Which skin care is better if you have skin problems?

Weelllllllll .... its not easy!

Natural wouldn’t be stupid to assume it means: all natural, of course! But does it actually mean that? Um… not so much. 

There’s actually absolutely zero legal bearings or standards that define the term ‘natural.’ And it’s not certified by anyone.

Yep – shockingly the word ‘natural’ isn’t regulated—at all. Essentially any company can say natural on its label, creating their own set of rules and intentions, which may or may not have real credibility. 

On other hand Natural skincare products are often lauded for being more gentle. This is because they contain no harsh chemicals that may cause irritation or skin problems.

And again think about natural toxins. The truth is even fully natural ingredients can be toxic (think poison ivy) and bio-available synthetic ingredients have amazing and safe benefits (vitamin A or C.)

So, really you need to get savvy with reading ingredients lists, and trust skincare professionals who studied ingredientsfor years and are not distracted by , amazing buy 1 get 1 offers " .

Remmeber It’s important not to hold too much to natural products – they are not always good, ethically sourced, or organic- take non-organic palm oil which has had a devastating impact on wildlife but technically is still natural.

In Beautyland you may find cosmetics brands that propably you never heard before, but they are good for skin and doesn't cost millions 😉

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