Yeah, it hurts a bit! But not NEARLY as much as you think! Add that to the fact that different parts of your body have different levels of sensitivity.
The general response from 99% of customers is: "Gee, it doesn't hurt as much as I thought!" or "Oh! Not so bad!"
Do you want advice? Just lie down, listen the music and deal with it.

 How the intimate hair is removed?

Intimate Waxing ...

What to Expect ?

Pain ...?

First the skin is prepped with a pre-wax gel, then a further thin layer of oil or pure talc is sometimes applied depending on the skin type and the area.

Waxing Products:
2 Different types of wax are generally used: Strip wax and 3D Film Wax (stripless wax). We DO NOT offer Intimate waxing with strip waxes.

Stripless wax
This is a bubblegummy type of wax applied with a wooden spatula. The wax is heated to a gooey consistency so that it can adhere to the hair when applied, but usually is not uncomfortably hot. This amazing wax is gentle and not sticky. We would love to do entire bodies using only 3D wax ... this is a treat, but a very LONG one!

Strip Wax:
Strip wax is used for larger areas like backs, arms and legs. In somebeauty salons strip wax is used to remove genital hair....OUCH!.... Not a good idea... Try new generation of waxes with Beautyland!

To soothe the skin, a cooling gel, sometimes along with skin repair enhancing lotions like Tee Tree with Vitamin E or Green Tea Lotion.

You're done :)

Sorry, the hair is going to grow back. BUT! You'll feel and look great for about 3-4 weeks at least. There's nothing like the bit of discomfort is certainly worth it!
Some customers go every 3 weeks for a intimate wax. Others every 3 months. The more regular, the better. Young hairs come out easier.
Difference is that ALL the hair growing back are new and soft. Waxed hair feels different.

Next Visit ...

 Why Male Waxing is more expensive ?

Waxing for Male customer is more expensive mostly because men, on average, have more hair than women. It's not just that your body is bigger, it just takes more patches of wax to get all the hair removed. Also is more difficult to wax, needs special training and insurance. All of this things take more time, more products and make waxing more expensive .

Beautyland providing high-quality waxing treatments to men and women in a professional and clean environment, and specialist skills mean that waxing with Beautyland is quicker and cause less discomfort than waxes from generalist beauty salons, which do not typically employ experts, and they don't offer the most advanced waxes. Here you can forgot about Painful Strip Waxes, and meet 3D Hybrid waxes .


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