Are You Waxing Virgin?

How  long does your hair have to be?

For first-time waxers or those who may have regularly shaved or used another form of hair removal in the past, you’ll want to leave at least 2 weeks in between your last hair removal session and your waxing appointment in order to leave enough time for hair to grow out.

Naturally, this also depends on how thick, coarse, or fine your hair might be, as well as how fast it grows. You might have to leave more time in between your waxing appointments if your hair grows slower than most.

Wondering if your hair is long enough? To get a rough estimate, try seeing if you can get a grip on your hair with your fingers (but don’t be too rough!). If you can’t get a hold of your hairs, they may not be long enough to remove yet.
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Beautyland uses crème de la crème of all waxes from a product manufacturer who has over 30 years of innovation and experience.  Lycon (Australian Brand), Cirepil (French Brand) and Caronlab (Australian Brand) hot waxes are worth taking your clothes off for.

Our wax is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. We believe that using vegan ingredients which are healthier, more natural, rich in active ingredients and free from chemicals is healthier for our bodies.

Combined with a unique technique of waxing we will make sure we give the most comfortable wax and every visit is almost pain-free.

Whether you’re experienced, wax virgin or you had a waxing nightmare, I will make your waxing experience a positive one.

What Waxes We are Using?

Lets Talk about Pain

Yeah, it hurts! But not NEARLY as much as you think! Add that to the fact that different parts of your body have different levels of sensitivity.

The general response from 99% of customers is: "Gee, it doesn't hurt as much as I thought!" or "Oh! Not so bad!"

Do you want advice?

Just lie down, listen to the music and don't stress as is not worth it. Please remember everyone experiences it differently because every person has a different resistance to what's happening.
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Will I have to take my knickers/boxers off?

Welll .. Yes .

If you are having a Brazilian or Hollywood wax then yes you will need to remove your undies (this applies to men and women).
These Intimate wax services are provided naked and paper pants will not be provided. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.

For other types of bikini waxes – e.g. G-string and basic bikini waxes for the ladies and speedo line for the men – we will ask you to keep your knickers/boxers on.

Paper pants and normal underwear simply slow us down and may mean that we may not be able to remove all of the hair from all nooks and crannies.

How Fast Does Hair Grow Back?

Sorry, the hair is going to grow back.
BUT... You'll feel and look great for about 3-4 weeks at least. There's nothing like the bit of discomfort is certainly worth it! Some customers go every 4 weeks for an intimate wax. Others every 3 months or once a year. The more regular, the better. Young hairs come out easier and bring better results.

The difference is that ALL the hair growing back are new and soft. Waxed hair feels different.
Plus Size Models
Waxing for Male customers is more expensive mostly because men, on average, have more hair than women. It's not just that your body is bigger, it just takes more patches of wax to get all the hair removed. Also is more difficult to wax, needs special training and extra insurance. All of these things take more time, more products are used and make waxing price is higher in the end.

Beautyland provides only high-quality waxing treatments to men and women in a professional and clean environment. Specialist skills and years of experience and training means that waxing with Beautyland is quicker and cause less discomfort than waxes from generalist beauty salons, which are not typically experts, and they don't offer the most advanced waxing techniques.

Why Male Waxing is more Expensive?

Can I Get Waxed on that Days?

Simply ... YES YOU CAN :)

I'm here to debunk this myth and tell you that you’re good to go – you can get waxed on your period.
Contrary to common belief, you can get waxed on your period. You just need to wear a fresh tampon or clean menstrual cup to your appointment. During your period your skin can be more sensitive.

If you’ve got a low pain threshold, or you feel is not for you, you might want to adjust your wax appointment to when you’re not on your period. Please note that period is not in contradiction to waxing so all Treatments cancelled outside of the Cancellation Window (with less than 24 hours notice) will be treated as a “no show” and will be charged in full as if attended.