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Blemish Removal

Izabela is a licensed advanced electrolysis (diathermy) practitioner, registered with Walsall council. Diathermy can be used to reduce or remove most blemishes permanently. Electric current passed through a very fine, sterile needle cauterises and removes unwanted tissue including skin tags, milia, warts, sebhorroeic keratoses, moles, cherry angiomas, sebaceous hyperplasia and thread veins.

What We Can Treat?

--Skin Tags --

Skin tags are benign, innocuous growths that vary in size, shape and attachment. They are often found in areas where there is friction, such as where the skin creases or clothes rub. Skin tags (technically known as fibro-vascular papilloma) are increasingly common as we age and affect almost half of the population. While they are benign and do not pose any direct risk to your health, skin tags can easily be removed if they are impacting your self-esteem or mental well-being.

Your skin tag can easily be removed in a single treatment of diathermy.

-- Blood Spots / Cherry Angioma --

Cherry Angioma are small blood spots that are benign vascular blemishes. They can vary in size from small pin dots to as large as a penny; and in colour from bright red to darker tones.  Cherry angioma are not painful, but may bleed when scratched and can become distressing, particularly if they are in difficult to mask areas. 

Diathermy techniques place can desiccate the tissue and cauterise blood..

-- Red Veins / Telangiectasia --

Telangiectasia, also known as red veins, thread veins and broken capillaries, are common in exposed and vulnerable areas such as the nose. These can be caused by trauma to the skin.  Treatment aims to restore the previous appearance of the skin. 

Following advanced diathermy treatment, you can expect to see a 60-80% improvement in the appearance of your thread veins depending on your age, health and lifestyle.

--Spider Naevi --

This is a small, raised, centrally dilated blood vessel having the appearance of a blood spot, with smaller dilated capillaries radiating from it, rather like the legs of a spider. They are commonly found on the cheeks and upper chest area and are often caused by damage to the skin (squeezing) or an injury to the face or during pregnancy when hormonal changes occur.

Over a period of weeks, the thread veins will gradually fade, depending on their severity. The greater the area, the more treatments are necessary.
This is discussed during the initial consultation.

-- Millia --

These are tiny, hard, white dots located under the upper layer of the skin. They contain a build-up of solidified sebum (the skin’s natural oil) from the oil glands and are often found around the eye area, on the cheeks, nose and chin. Some experts believe that milia are caused by sun-induced changes as the skin ages or dry, dehydrated skin (due to poor skin care or facial products which are too strong).

Milia can easily be removed in a single treatment of diathermy. After treatment, a tiny, pin-dot crust will form which will heal and fall away
– usually within a few days – leaving no marking at all.
Leaf Stem


up to 5min or 1 large blemish
up to 10min or up to 4 large blemishes
up to 15min or up to 10 large blemishes
up to 30min or + 10 large blemishes
up to 10 min Eyelid

Gold in Standard

Beautyland uses only the highest quality Needles Plated with 24k Gold, manufactured and hand-made in England. Suitable for all clients, also with allergies , sensitive skin and those with lower pain thresholds.

Did You Know?

Found it cheaper? DOUBLE-CHECK.
Some salons calculate Treatment time (ie. 15 mins) on the time with the therapist - not necessarily minutes on the electrolysis machine. Is not a Beautyland Idea! You will always pay only for machine minutes!



Ready To Book?

Patch Test on Your first visit is an essential time for both you and me to establish what your specific requirements. This session is a mandatory requirement prior to treatment and the information gathered is taken in line with GDPR data privacy and protection guidelines.

You will need to fill in a questionnaire to determine your suitability for treatment.  A small area of one of your blemishes will be treated to give you an indication of the sensation and for us to see how your skin responds over the following 14 days. Aftercare will be given and you can book your first session of blemish removal!

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