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New! Thermal Body Wrap!


THERMOACTIVE SLIM & ANTICELLULITE PROGRAM Cellulite is structural change in subcutaneous layer resulting in abnormality of microcirculation and lymphatic outflow. Presence of cellulite does not depend on a woman’s age or body weight. Anti-cellulite program enables quickly and efficiently solving the problems of cellulite and local fat deposits at all stages, considering custom-tailored approach to the problems of every client. Indications for application: Fibrous cellulite of stage 1 and 2; Local fat deposit; Decrease of skin tone and elasticity. Program tasks: Decrease of thickness and density of subcutaneous fat owing to lipolysis process activation; Leveling of skin relief; Decrease of problem areas dimensions; Removal of local edemas; Normalization of lympho- and venous drainage; Activation of local microcirculation; Increase of skin tone and elasticity in problem areas. Consulting: In some cases with associated diseases it is necessary to ask for advice of gynecologist, endocrinologist or physician. Contraindications: Varicosity, thrombophlebitis; Acute inflammatory skin diseases and chronic diseases in the procedure area; Inflammatory diseases of female reproductive system in acute stage and presence of benign neoplasm in anamnesis (myomas, fibromas, polycystic ovaries etc.); Pregnancy; Mechanical injuries of skin in the procedure area; It is not recommended to make the procedure within the day of epilation.

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