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TATTOO WAX! Simply Amazing!

What is Tattoo Wax? Tattoo waxing isn’t new but the Cirépil by Perron Rigot Tattoo Wax is! It’s a patented formula designed for tattoo waxing. This wax specifically designed, patented and dermatologically tested to be an actual tattoo wax. Beautiful grey colour, it works amazingly to brighten tattoos, removing hair or both!

Why Wax Tattoo?

Tatto improve the appearance of the tattoo by making it more vibrant like it was in its early days. Dead skin builds up on the epidermis creating a dull appearance on the skin. Exfoliating and hydrating are essential not only for the health of the skin but also for the appearance of the tattoo.

Some people even shave their tattoos to get that fresh look, but it isn’t exactly convenient. Shaving anywhere on the body will make the hair grow back rough, stubbly, thick and much more quickly. A shaved tattoo will be followed by stubble, growing in the next day often paired with irritation, bumps and redness. Yikes!

Tattoo Wax is cruelty-free, like all Perron Rigot products, and it is a unique combination of gentle and yet strong. Not just any wax can brighten tattoos by exfoliating skin. The formula must be strategic, exfoliating and hydrating and yet gentle to wax tattooed skin. The coconut oil in Tattoo Wax makes it hydrating and also helps with an easy and effortless application process. Tattoo Wax is a speciality wax and it can be used on all body areas and all hair types.

Please note we will not wax over a tattoo until it is 100% healed, which may be a different length of time for different people. 6 weeks may be safe for some but some people may require even longer.

Tattoo Wax isn't simply just a new wax, it’s a new wax service. Beautyland Offering that new amazing service, but also Luxury Tattoo Aftercare!

Cirepil TATTOO Sublime Moisturizing & Reviving Lotion

* Revives colours

* Smoothes the skin after waxing

* Leaves beautiful skin thanks to its moisturizing agents

Key Features:

- Enriched with extracts of Aloe Vera and Water Lily Flowers- Deeply moisturizing

- Scents Peach, Blackcurrant & Jasmine

Cirepil TATTOO Sublime Illuminating & Exfoliating Lotion

*Makes the skin luminous and smooth thanks to its light exfoliating ingredients

Key Features:

- Enriched with Daisy and Red Seaweed Extracts for softness, light and radiance

- Scents Pineapple, Mint, & Hawthorn

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